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The modern state no longer has anything but rights; it does not recognize duties any more.

Globalization against poverty

International organizations, the EU first, must involve civil society.

Many of those who demonstrate in Genoa have hailed as a victory the decision of some big pharmaceutical companies to allow South Africa to manufacture generic drugs needed to fight AIDS. In fact, millions of patients will benefit from research carried out in the laboratories of large multinationals. This episode should make us think about what the positive values of globalization.

We will be able to win or lose the race that awaits us, but we will not be able to avoid it. Whether we like it or not, globalization is a reality. Our task is to succeed in debt consolidation Curtspitch such a good point.

Today, we find ourselves in a situation that I call “the three injustices”: the sharp rise in the social divide and prosperity gap between the richest and the poorest in developed societies; the same widening gap in societies in poor countries; and differences in average levels of growth and well-being in rich and poor countries. This is not a situation we can resign ourselves to, but we must do everything in our power to try to reduce the imbalance by promoting the reforms that allow our societies to become more open, juster and more welcoming.

That is why, while resolutely condemning violence, I do not disregard a protest that expresses a real and diffuse discomfort that, as such, can not and must not be ignored.

The deep disagreement that is at the origin of the protest is manifested in a thousand different ways, sometimes confusedly, ranging from the fight against globalization to that against poverty, to the protection of the environment, through the defense of particularism and the opposition to social dumping.

This extreme diversity of objectives, however, should not prevent us from going back to the root of the problem, which is the deep discontent caused by injustices and insufficient participation in society. But we must be careful: the problem of poverty in the world will not be solved with less globalization but on the contrary more globalization. It is no coincidence, indeed, if the most marginal and poorest societies in the world are not those involved in globalization, but those who are excluded.

The substitution formula of globalization is indeed bilateralism, in which, often, everything depends on the goodwill of the strongest.

We can not control globalization without multilateral organizations. Markets do not open without going through the World Trade Organization; debts do not cancel each other out and the infrastructure of the poorest countries does not improve without the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; higher social standards cannot be defended without the International Labor Organization.

When it was created, the G8 G7 originally wanted to be a forum for informal discussions, direct contacts between leaders to prevent or reduce tensions and misunderstandings sometimes fraught with danger. There is no doubt that new thinking on how to design and manage this mechanism is needed today. We must improve its functioning, as well as that of all multilateral mechanisms.

Moreover, the European Union is the best example of what needs to be done to move forward together from different positions. Half a century of European integration has ensured a lasting balance between winners and losers, between big and small, between the most advanced states and the most backward states. Today, this experience is at the root of the reunification of our continent and it is a model that inspires reflections in various parts of the world.

The Union must nonetheless involve more the forces of civil society, who have organized themselves and wish to be our interlocutors. We need to open up more of our decision-making processes. We must seek to engage more with our citizens. This is why the European Commission will shortly propose a reform of the European Union’s governance system taking into account the principles of openness, participation, accountability, efficiency, and coherence.

The Europe that I have in mind is a social Europe of the citizens, which is an example in the world for the protection it provides and which is able to intervene beyond its borders as a multiplier of prosperity and of growth, even in emerging countries. I believe that these principles should guide the review of other organizations that play a key role on the international scene.

Some elements of our society call for a deeper dialogue. Others require a broader and more direct confrontation. Still, others seek only the confrontation. We must be ready and willing to listen to the reasons of those who protest without violence.

Nevertheless, there is an amazing communication deficit. The Göteborg protesters seemed unaware that we were fighting for the sustainable development project as part of a broader policy of social inclusion, environmental protection and model consolidation. Union. Those who protest today, calling for the cancellation of the debt, can not ignore the European initiative called “Everything but arms”, which provides for the unilateral opening of our markets to the products of the poorest countries in the world.

Democracy, whether local or global, is the constant search for social justice at ever higher levels. I believe that it is worthwhile to fight, to mobilize and to defend this vision, in Europe and in the world. We must not allow the wealth of some to feed on the poverty of others.

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